Deposits/Cancellations Policy

Policy as written online. Guest authorizes Ruthies Rentals to withdraw
a deposit in the amount of the first night stay from their credit card. A
$50.00 cancellation/administrative fee will be charged for any
reservation that is cancelled any time after booking with Ruthies
Rentals. In addition, to avoid being charged one rental night plus
applicable taxes, all cancellations must be received by midnight 7 days
prior to arrival date. Cancellation within 7 days will result in Full
Charges for 1 night of booked stay. Cancellations made less than 7 days
in advance will be charged for 2 nights. Cancelations made with in 24 hours of 3:00 PM on the scheduled date of arrival will be charged 1/2 (one half) the scheduled stay or 2 nights which ever is greater.    All cancellations are recorded  in a logbook as to date and time of cancellation. There are no
cancellation refunds under any circumstance if cancellation guidelines
are not met by Guest.