Hello Fellow Hunters. My name is Nick Dacy and I am the owner and operator of Ruthie’s Wild Game Processing located at 6748 Tx Road 2, Del Rio Texas. Our focus here at “Ruthie’s” is QUALITY. We are not your average processing facility. Our goal is to create a product that you, your wife, your kids and even the most skeptical of your friends will enjoy. We are able to accomplish this by creating unique ready to cook items. We do things with Venison that you would never imagine. Take our Pepperoni Pizza burger for instance. Its sure to be a hit with your kids. We offer several varieties of meat loafs as well. We have a Swiss & Shroom loaf, our Saucy Italian Loaf, Our Jalapeno and Cheddar Loaf as well as our original loaf. We also have an item called a minute Steak. These ground patties are mixed with pork and a special seasonings that are ground right in to the meat. It comes out of the grinder in uniform patties separated by wax paper. You just peal the paper off and throw it on the grill or skillet. We currently have 3 flavors of these Steaks. The Smokehouse Barbecue, The Italian Cheese Steak and the Pepperoni Pizza steak I mentioned. We will be adding more flavors of minute steaks as our business grows. We also offer Smoked Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, Summer Sausage and Italian sausage. We take pride in our work here and we understand that you want “YOUR” deer back. We are one of the few processors who take the time to get ALL the edible meat off your harvest. That being said, we are also very critical of every scrap we throw in your tray. If it is too bloody or we cant get it clean enough to our satisfaction then we will not put it in your tray. We treat your kill as if our family would be eating it. Id like to invite all of you out to see our facility at any time during business hours. We are located out at Rough Canyon. Our products are sure to please and are worth the short drive out here once you harvest your deer. Good luck and Happy Hunting.